My fiance has a very type A personality which just so happen to come in very handy when choosing an engagement ring. I honestly had never even looked at an engagement ring before we met. I didn’t even know what the different shapes were. Aside from learning about color, clarity, and carat size there was not much else I knew. I am going to guess that the majority of you are just like me and men usually know even less. That is why I decided to take everything I learned from my fiance and share what he taught me about choosing an engagement ring! Here are the 3 things you didn’t know to look for and why they are so important when making your selection.

choosing an engagement ring

Symmetry: this is definitely the most important factor to consider when choosing a diamond which often is completely ignored. This makes a huge impact on how your diamond sparkles. The symmetry is what affects how the light is reflected throughout your diamond. If you’ve ever noticed some diamonds just sparkle for days, while others never get that same brilliance no matter how clean it is. 

oval engagementring2

2.5 carat oval engagement ring

Polish: this refers to the smoothness on each facet of a diamond’s surface. There can be minor scratches caused when a diamond is originally cut and polished which can also take away from the diamonds shine and prevent light from going through the diamond.

Cut:  this does not refer to the diamonds shape but rather the combination of polish and symmetry. The cut of your diamond will be the number one contributing factor to how your diamond sparkles. Even if you have a smaller carat size, making sure you have a great cut will make your engagement ring light up the room. You will find that some diamonds will list only the polish and symmetry while others will just list the cut. About 35% of diamonds have a poor cut and this accounts for the dull appearance of the diamond.


Polish: Excellent    Symmetry: Very Good

My engagement ring is a perfect example of why the symmetry, polish, and cut of your diamond are so important. It literally sparkles like you wouldn’t believe and has received so many compliments. Rather than sit here and brag about my ring, I want to make sure all you ladies get an equally dazzling ring and all you men know how to pick it!

As a side note, your diamond dimensions can also make your carat size look drastically bigger. 

This is why I went with an oval shape. The dimensions of this diamond are greater in length than in height, meaning its longer than it is taller. Therefore, the actual carat of the ring looks much bigger. In my case, the size of my diamond looks almost twice its size because it is more lengthy. In person, my diamond has the appearance of a 4 carat ring!)


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