Several months ago I made the big move from Los Angeles to Orange County to live in the more relaxed, beach environment of Newport Beach. I have to say I’ve started to love it here. I was once the girl who would never leave L.A. and now here I am living like an OC Housewife with my boyfriend, his little blind yorky and my two dogs. Its like the Brady Bunch without all the kids.

My biggest worry about the move…The Food! I’m  Yelp Elite what did you think I would say? Of course my biggest worry is the food. What would I do without Bestia and all the new restaurants opening up everyday. Its like a revolving door of new exciting food for me to enjoy every week. But alas, I have come to find the Orange County has some special treasures hidden away and I can’t wait to share them.

I’ve also been travelling more and finally went on my little trip to Solvang I’ve been so excited to visit ever since I passed this quaint little dutch town while driving to Morro Bay. Oh did I mention I’m a bit of a wino now. I’ll never give up my Bellini’s but I have rotated between Bellini’s, Red Wine, and a tasty Bloody Mary on the perfect Sunday.

Its not like I moved back to Hawaii or anything, but its a big change none the less and my Blog is going to get a fresh exciting start where I get to share all my favorite finds. Maybe I’ll see you at one of my favorite places soon!

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