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A Vibrant Seasonal Look at Five Crowns New Menu

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Five Crowns new menu is a delicious and vibrant addition to their classic favorites. This year fall menus are arriving later in the season to correlate with the availability of fresh market ingredients. Executive Chef Alejandra Padilla always develops beautiful new menu items that are both refreshing and innovative. This holiday season is not going to disappoint.



The popular Scotch & Cigars arrives infused with smoke and is a marvelous display.


To begin, there are several new cocktails available on Five Crowns new menu. Shown above you will find the Holy Strawberry Drop which combines lemongrass vodka, Lillet blanc, citrus simple, lemon juice, strawberry, and plum bitters. This is a very light and refreshing take on a martini. Next is the Fall Countryside with buffalo trace, applejack, maple simple, lemon juice, angostura bitters, and apple bitters. It is like a holiday twist on a classic Old Fashioned. Finally is the very popular Scotch and Cigars made with belle made, walnut liquor, turbo simple, and angostura bitters. This popular cocktail arrives infused with smoke and is quite the display. It’s a must-try if you ask me!



Beet & Burrata with persimmon, coriander, and a citrus vinaigrette.


Then, there is an array of new appetizers to choose from. One of my favorite selections is their new Beet & Burrata with persimmon, coriander, and a citrus vinaigrette. I never pass up the chance to try a beet and burrata salad and the addition of one of my favorite seasonal fruits just sends this over the edge for me.



It should be no surprise that the quality here is top-notch.


Another item I was excited to see on the menu was the Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio topped with arugula, truffle vinaigrette, and parmesan crisps. It should be no surprise that the quality at here is top-notch, so selecting this appetizer on Five Crowns new menu was a no brainer.



Seafood lovers will love the new Fritto Misto on Five Crowns new menu.


Next, for all my seafood lovers, is the fabulous new Fritto Misto on Five Crowns new menu. This dish features generous head-on Hawaiian prawns, jalapeño, and calamari with a fantastic Calabrian chili aioli. I guarantee this will be a favorite at your table.



The combination of butternut squash, brown butter, and warm spices will put you right into the holiday spirit.


For entrees, there will be four new selections including Forest Mushroom Risotto, Pan Seared Scallops, 1/2 Jidori Chicken, and Lamb Shank. My guest chose the beautiful scallops shown above. They were fabulous and served on a butternut squash purée with brown butter, warm spices, pumpkin seeds, and a side of sauteed kale. The combination of ingredients put us right into the holiday spirit.



I loved the unique addition of scallion potato pancake with horseradish purée and caramelized onion jus.


Being a sucker for lamb, I selected the fall-off-the-bone tender Lamb Shank. I loved the unique addition of scallion potato pancake with horseradish purée and caramelized onion jus. It was a great variation from traditional sides and mouth-watering.



The chocolate tart is rich, decadent, and served with a pepitas icecream.


Finally, for dessert, Five Crowns new menu includes a seasonal Apple Crumble and Chocolate Tart. We, of course, had to try both. If you are a chocolate lover, the chocolate tart is rich and decadent. It is topped with pepitas and served with pepitas icecream.



My mom always made an apple crumble during the holidays.


A fresh fruit crumble is always a personal favorite during the holidays. My mom made this every year during the holidays and I always find them so nostalgic. The Apple Crumble on Five Crowns’ new menu was fantastic and served with a flavorful cinnamon icecream.

In addition to their new menu, Five Crowns will also be serving up a fabulous menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!

Five Crowns and SideDoor are located at 3801 East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, CA. Valet parking is available. To make a reservation at Five Crowns, please call (949) 760-0331. For reservations at SideDoor, please call (949) 717-4322.






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