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The Best Vegan Foods From Expo West 2024


Expo West 2024 was a huge success and featured hundreds of Vegan food products. Out of all the products we sampled over this 4-day event, these products were the best and could fool even non-vegans.


What is Expo West

Expo West is a national convention held in Anaheim, California that showcases natural products and food brands. This expo is an opportunity for large grocery stores and specialty shops to find new and exciting products to add to their shelves. You’ll find many of the products featured at Expo West in stores such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Krogers, Ralphs, and many more.

Expo West 2024 featured the best natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and keto foods on the market. It also introduces new foods that have yet to hit the shelves. The event drew over 3,300 brands and brought together over 65,000 industry professionals this year!

When I attend Expo West, I am searching for new amazing health food products to introduce to my readers and ingredients to use in my recipes. This year I discovered so many amazing brands. The key factor I am always looking for is taste. I want to find products that are healthy, delicious, and taste just like the real thing!

Best Vegan Foods from Expo West 2024

Vegan food products were plentiful at Expo West 2024 and I was beyond impressed, shocked even. I wanted to find products that could fool me and several products truly surprised me. Had I not known, I never would have know these products were vegan. Below are the best Vegan products from Expo West 2024.

Violife-vegan-cream-cheese-at expo west 2024

Violife Cream Cheese

Not only does this Violife Vegan cream cheese taste exactly like regular cream cheese, you can also bake with it. They had samples of the cream cheese on top of bagels and also samples of cheesecake which were spot on. The best surprise was that anyone can email the company a recipe that uses regular cream cheese and they will test the recipe and tell you how to make it with their Vegan cream cheese.


Impossible Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Patties

While the burgers did not fool me, the Impossible chicken nuggets and patties were delicious, crispy, and tasted exactly like the real thing. In fact, they were so crispy, I’d say they were actually even better than regular chicken nuggets!


Mauna Loa Ice Cream Bars

Mauna Loa is very well known for their Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamia nuts, however, they also have a line of dairy-free ice cream and ice cream bars. I was shocked to learn that all of the Mauna Loa ice cream and bars are vegan. The use of macadamia nut milk is what gives their ice cream its creamy texture and flavor resulting in an identical flavor to using regular milk.


The Sunny One Eggs

The most fascinating new Vegan product from Expo West 2024 was The Sunny One from Yo Eggs. These “eggs” look exactly like a perfectly poached egg and the flavors and texture were pretty spot on. This is the first sunny side up vegan egg on the market, egg yolk and all.


I could see this product being introduced into restaurants, especially for dishes such as eggs benedict. What’s even more astonishing, is you can actually cook this “egg” and create vegan hard-boiled eggs. This new vegan product is a definite game changer.


Prime Roots Plant-Based Deli Meats

While I wouldn’t say this one fooled me, for Vegans who still crave a turkey or salami sandwich from the Deli, this was a pretty good Vegan alternative. Vegan deli meats is something I’ve read numerous Vegans request and I would say this is the best brand out there providing this solution.


Swee Vegan Ice Cream

Swee is a new Vegan Ice Cream from Portugal that is just emerging into US markets. Not only does their Vegan ice cream taste exactly like the real thing, but it is also surprisingly very low in calories. Swee is the perfect solution for both Vegans and also those who are health conscious and want to enjoy ice cream without all the calories.

I was shocked when I saw that that the chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks I was sampling was only 121 calories per 2/3 cup. For comparison, Ben & Jerrys Brownie Batter ice cream is 350 calories per 2/3 cup! I am a woman who loves dessert and I would keep this ice cream fully stocked in my freezer.


The Good Bean

I have been telling my friends about The Good Bean Chocolate Covered Chickpeas forever! They are such a yummy treat, are Vegan, Gluten-free, and taste just like candy! They taste like a cross between a candy-coated malt ball and Goobers. They are absolutely delicious and a serving is only 130 calories for 17 chickpeas and provides 3g of protein. When I crave chocolate and candy, this is what I reach for.

TCHO Chocolate Bars

While searching through the crazy crowded halls of Expo West I came across TCHO chocolates and was shocked to find that the chocolates I was sampling were Vegan. Their new Matcha flavored chocolate bar was phenomenal, so creamy, and delicious. They also offer Vegan baking chocolates.

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