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Disneyland Has Secret Beauty & The Beast Food All Over the Park!

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For a limited time, Disneyland has secret Beauty & The Beast Food spread out all over the park. I absolutely love when Disneyland introduces new special foodie finds. I will often plan a day just to roam around the park and search out all the coolest food just so I can show all of you!



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The new release of Beauty & The Beast is a huge deal right now at the Disney Park and they are even bringing back The Beast who will be available for pictures. They also just added a special dance in front of the castle with Belle and The Beast that is so adorable. One of my interns, Jilliene, is actually the character Belle at Disneyland so be sure to say hello if you see her. She is awesome and you’ll often hear her in the background in a lot of my videos! What a fun time to be Belle at Disneyland.



disneyland catipillar



Now back to the food. As you head into the park through Main Street you’re going to want to first stop at the Refreshments Corner. This is where everyone usually purchases their candy apples, but for a limited time, you can get these adorably delicious Rose Vanilla Cupcakes. I also found this super cute marshmallow caterpillar which is also a limited time treat for the electric light parade.


beautybeast cupcake



Then you can go right around the corner to the Jolly Holiday Bakery and pick up these nifty mushrooms which are also for the Electric Prade. They are delicious and made of cream puffs with macaroons as the caps of the mushrooms.





Once you finish enjoying your treats be sure to save room because there is more! Make your way past the castle towards the Peter Pan Ride. In Fantasy Land you will look for the Village Haus Restaurant, which has temporarily changed its name to The Red Rose Tavern. Here you will find my favorite Rose Dessert. This simply scrumptious dessert is a pannacotta with a strawberry jam in the middle and a crumbly chocolate crust at the bottom. You can also find another dessert called Grey Stuff and get a Beast Mug with some hot cocoa.


disneyland rose dessert



Finally, if you head over to California Adventure and you will find the beautiful Chocolate Strawberry Dipped Red Roses. I loved watching them being made at Buena Vista Street.


disneyland red roses


I also have an extra special secret for all of you.

While you’re in California Adventure, be sure to visit the Animation Studio. Inside you will find The Beasts Liar. It is completely hidden and not easy to find. You will likely have to ask a guide inside the studio where his liar is. While inside the liar, there are some fun interactive quizzes and you can see the infamous red rose. Once its final petal falls, the room completely changes. If you follow my Instagram you may have seen me post it onto my Instastories! It’s an extra special place to visit for anyone who loves Beauty & The Beast.


disneyland balloons

Have you seen the movie yet? I’ll be going this week and can’t wait! What did you think of the movie and all the new yummy treats at Disneyland? 



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