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Discover Why This Iron Chef Reigns Supreme at Morimoto Napa

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We had the pleasure of partnering with the Downtown Napa Association and the Do Napa website to explore the best this charming city has to offer. After arriving at Downtown Napa on a rainy day, the sunshine at the end of the tunnel was knowing I had booked my first reservation at Morimoto Napa. Chef Masaharu Morimoto quickly became a household name, competing on Japanese television show Iron Chef in 1998 and then became one of the stars of Food Network’s Iron Chef America in 1999. Morimoto Napa provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy his cuisine and discover why this chef reigns supreme!


We began our dining experience with the Toro Tartar

We began our dining experience with the Toro Tartar. A fresh tuna belly with sterling Xavier, nori paste, wasabi, sour cream, chives, Morimoto guacamole, and rice crackers. Our instructions were to take a paddle, dip into the tartar, then the soy, and make whatever flavor combinations your heart desires. Once finished there is a Yamamobo, which is a Japanese mountain peach, to be used as a palette cleanser. I personally enjoyed just smearing all the different flavors together. The rice crackers added the perfect amount of crunch and texture. Also, don’t forget the Yamamobo because it’s delicious!


white fish carpaccio, which is hamachi (yellowtail) in a sweet garlic and ginger yuzu sauce

Next, we ordered the white fish carpaccio, which is hamachi (yellowtail) in a sweet garlic and ginger yuzu sauce. It arrived with greens in a Yuzu dressing. I don’t even know how to describe the flavors but this is a must order when dining at Morimoto Napa. This dish was superb and the quality is as fresh as you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber.


Easily my favorite dish of the evening, Spicy Alaskan King Crab Legs

Then, I had to order the Spicy Alaskan King Crab given that crab is my favorite crustacean. The king crab legs are topped with tobanjan aioli, micro-cilantro, and green mango. This dish came highly recommended and is a favorite among guests. It was easily my favorite dish of the evening. Looks are also deceiving as the portion was surprisingly generous. I would visit several times over just to order this appetizer again, it was that good!


This variation of clam chowder is awesome and unlike anything I’ve ever had

Continuing on, The Morimoto Chowder looked too amazing not to try. The clam chowder is thickened using rice congee instead of potatoes and is a unique twist on traditional clam chowders. Trust me when I tell you, this variation of clam chowder is awesome and unlike anything I’ve ever had. The chowder is flavored with bacon and fresh clams, which shine in every bite. The broth was even more incredible than the clams. If you’re already a fan of chowders then this is a must try.


Surf & Turf: snake river farms wagyu, roasted lobster miatake

For our final dish, we ordered the surf and turf entree. This surf and turf featured snake river farms wagyu, roasted lobster miatake, cippolini onions, black garlic and angry spice which is a Togorashi spice. Be sure to take note that wagyu is a much fattier and more marbled cut of meat. It will come served with mushrooms, broccolini, onions, and bread crumbs. Be sure to dip your Wagyu in the breadcrumbs!


The chocolate dome is melted with fire to reveal a chocolate sorbet.

Finally, for dessert, I actually struggled because they all sounded so delicious. Ultimately I had to go with the fiery salty caramel chocolate tart for no other reason than they come to your table and light it on fire. This dessert features a chocolate dome which is melted by pouring Bacardi rum over the top and lighting it on fire. It then melts to reveal a decadent chocolate sorbet. The fiery chocolate tart is served with fresh berries, shortbreads, and vanilla whipped cream. Now, that’s what I call the perfect ending to an exceptional meal!

Morimoto Napa

610 Main Street Napa, California 94559


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