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Napa’s 3D Dining Experience at Copia is the Most Unique Culinary Adventure You Will Ever Experience

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The 3D dining experience at Copia, the restaurant inside The Culinary Institute of America in Downtown Napa, is likely the most unique culinary adventure you will ever experience. This once in a lifetime dinner uses a series of projections to tell a story of each course you will be served. You will follow a humorous character named “Le Petite Chef” as he guides you through each dish which is inspired by the Journey of Marco Polo, known for discovering some of the most amazing spices in the world. 


Your first course will bring you out into the open sea. Here you will open a chest containing an ahi tuna crudo and duck liver pate.


The ocean waves will splash across your table as you savor each bite. While enjoying your first course, pouches containing different spices will be passed around the table. Guests will be encouraged to guess which spices were used to create each course. 


In Morocco, you will be surrounded by camels with beautiful mosaic designs cascading across the table

Then our character, Le Petite Chef, will arrive in Morocco. You will be surrounded by camels with beautiful mosaic designs cascading across the table. Here you will be presented with an even larger chest and two mini tagines. The tagines will contain honey roasted pistachios and couscous. In your chest, you will find flatbread, hummus, falafel, and stuffed dates. These are all presented in a way to be shared by your guest who sits across from you. 


a palette cleanser of citrus sorbet and yogurt inspired by the Himalayan Mountains

Next, you will head to India and enjoy a course of coconut curry shrimp and noodle vegetables. Then there will be a palette cleanser of citrus sorbet and yogurt inspired by the Himalayan Mountains. This dish is especially captivating as the entire table will participate by pouring water around their dish which creates a smoking dry ice effect that cloaks the entire table. It’s truly a fantastic sight to see. 


The fifth course will bring you to the flavors of China

The fifth course will bring you to the flavors of China as you enjoy duck two ways. You will receive a roasted breast as well as a succulent duck thigh braised in red bean paste. It is served with Maitake mushrooms and greens with garlic.


This was truly a highlight of the meal and so incredibly delicious. As you are enjoying your duck you will be mesmerized by the beautiful Chinese lanterns floating around you. 


Finally, our new friend Le Petite Chef finished our journey by showing us how he creates the perfect Vanilla Brulee. 


This wonderful dining experience is not only delicious but completely captivating. At the end of your culinary journey, you’ll circle back to the spices you smelled at the begin of the meal and determine which spices were used in each dish. The 3D Dining Experience at Copia is a masterpiece and the CIA in Downtown Napa is the only restaurant on the entire west coast where you can find it.

If you are visiting or live in the Downtown Napa area this is the one dining experience that is a must-do, even more so than the French Laundry. I cannot applaud the CIA enough for bringing this once in a lifetime experience to Napa! For more information and to purchase tickets to this unique event visit: Le Petite Chef: Copia 3D Dining Experience


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