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Fig and Olive in Newport Beach, For When Only the Best Will Do!

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This article is long overdue for one of my absolute favorite restaurants, Fig and Olive in Newport Beach. I often get asked what my favorite restaurants are in Orange County and I go to the Fig and Olive in Newport Beach regularly. It’s one of the restaurants where I know the staff, the chef, and even have a special table. Their food is always outstanding and when I want an amazing dining experience Fig and Olive never disappoints.


fig and olive olive oil


I have tried most dishes on their menu so in addition to the items I’m featuring I’ll also have a handful of other fantastic suggestions. I had to restrain myself, as a girl can only eat so much! Trust me I would feature their entire menu if I could fit it in my stomach.

Let me just say that the Fig and Olive in Newport Beach has the best wine flight.


First, you have to start with a cocktail and instead of showing off a fancy creation I’m showing you guys exactly what I order every time I visit. I always start my meal with a Bellini, which is my favorite cocktail. I even named my dog Bellini. Then I like to switch to red wine. Let me just say that the Fig and Olive in Newport Beach has the best wine flight, which you have to ask for. It is not on their menu! For $30 you get a 2oz pour of Vindicated, Justin Isosceles, and my personal favorite Caymus Vineyards. I sometimes crave coming here just for this wine flight.


fig and olive crostini
From Left to Right: Burrata & Tomato, Fig & Prosciutto, Smoked Salmon & Caviar, Duck Confit & Green Apple with cornichon


For starters, Fig and Olive is known for their specialty crostini’s. You can choose from a very wide variety included a selection of chef specialty crostini’s. Pictures above you”ll see the Smoked Salmon with Caviar, Burrata and Tomato, Prosciutto with Fig, and the chefs special Duck Confit with Green Apple and Cornichon Pearl Onion.


fig and olive hamachi crudo


Next, one of my favorite appetizers at the Fig and Olive in Newport Beach is their Hamachi Crudo. This is an incredibly unique dish bursting with flavor. It is drizzled in basil olive oil with dollops of preserved orange. 


fig and olive carpaccio

 If you’ve read some of my previous restaurant features then you likely already know that beef carpaccio is one of my favorite dishes. 


Another appetizer I always enjoy is their beef carpaccio. If you’ve read some of my previous restaurant features then you likely already know this is one of my favorite dishes. The Fig and Olive in Newport Beach makes their carpaccio extra special by adding parmesan crisps with a spiced tomato compote.


fig and olive seafood


Next is their Platuae de Fruits De Mur which is a gorgeous display of fresh seafood. Local oysters, jumbo shrimp and a split Brazilian lobster tail are served over ice with a sherry mignonette, tarragon aioli, and fresh cocktail sauce. If you’re a seafood lover you will be in heaven.


fig and olive sondra barker

For main entrees, I absolutely love the presentation of their popular New Zealand Rack of Lamb.


For main entrees, I absolutely love the presentation of their popular New Zealand Rack of Lamb. This superb dish is served on a plate with a cloche dome to infuse the lamb with freshly lit rosemary. The cloche then holds in the smoke so you can take in the scent of fresh rosemary as it is presented to your table. It’s quite the display and one of my all-time favorite dishes. The preparation often changes and currently the New Zealand Lamb is served with Rosemary Garlic Marinade, Eggplant Caponata, Roasted Cipollini Onions, with Eggplant Licorice Purée.


fig and olive branzino


Another very popular dish is their Branzino for two which is prepared table-side. I find it extra special when a dish is prepared at my table. I love watching them split and debone the Branzino before it is served. Branzino is actually one of my favorite fish selections and I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it before. It is very mild and delicate fish. It also does a great job of retaining the flavor of its accompanying ingredients.


fig and olive newport beach


As I mentioned earlier, I go to the Fig and Island in Newport Beach several times a month. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose what to order because so many of their dishes are exceptional. I also highly recommend their Seabass which is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. This clever dish is prepared with Roasted Sunchoke, Rapini Tossed with Garlic and Romesco-Mascarpone Sauce with Almond & Hazelnut. It is easily the best Seabass I’ve had thus far.


Sometimes it’s difficult to choose what to order because so many of the dishes at the Fig and Olive in Newport Beach are exceptional. 


Another favorite of mine is their 8oz Grass Fed Filter Mignon with Potato Purée, Asparagus Gratin, and Olive Oil Emulsion. I always get asked where you can go for a great steak and when it comes to Filet Mignon, this is it. I absolutely adore their filet and rotate between this and the lamb.


fig and olive dessert


Finally, for dessert, I am obsessed with their dessert tasting. I love variety. Even as a kid I would always get the variety boxes of cereal so I could try a new one each day. Nothing has changed except my really expensive taste in cuisine. The Fig and Olive dessert tasting comes with 4 perfect little dessert samplings. Included is their Chocolate Obsession, Seasonal Sorbet, Crunchy Praline, and Pot de Crème. I also love their Dessert Crostini with Mixed Berries, Prosecco Syrup, and Whipped Mascarpone. It brings back nostalgic memories of the layered box of Danish Butter Cookies my Aunt Annie always had in her home.


fig and olive lamb

Fig and Olive has locations in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Houston, and Chicago. You can visit them at



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