A List of Over 100 Orange County Restaurants Offering Delivery & Takeout During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 18, 2020

Our team has been working on a huge list of over 100 Orange County Restaurants offering delivery & take-out during this Coronavirus pandemic.  Shelves are completely baren at grocery stores and they are the one place where any concept of social distancing is nearly impossible. This is the best time to support our amazing restaurants by ordering delivery or picking up an amazing meal to enjoy.

Many restaurants are offering great incentives, new family meal items and even grocery sales. Several are even offering free toilet paper! This list is an excel sheet that will be constantly updated as we add new restaurants ensuring you will have the most recent and up to date information available.

I recommend bookmarking this page so you can reference it easily. You can click the link and go directly to their delivery method. Grubhub also announced they are not taking any commission from restaurants which we truly appreciate them doing during this difficult time.

Editors note: this list is updated several times throughout the day. Please email sondra@cuisineandtravel.com if you would like to add yourself to the list or need to submit a change. We are also sharing all of the flyers we recieve with meals kits, family meals, inventory sales, and specials to our Facebook Page @cuisineandtravel 


Reference our ongoing list of over 50 amazing Orange County Restaurants Offering Delivery, Take-Out, Curbside Pickup, Specials, and Incentives.


Here is our OC Restaurants Delivery & Take-Out List

Open Link



Sondra Barker Burger Parlor


If you are a restaurant in Orange County offering delivery, curbside pickup, special incentives, or premade meals please email sondra@cuisineandtravel.com so we can add you to our list! When emailing please include the link to your preferred delivery method.


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