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Plan the Perfect Night of Wine & Painting at Pinots Palette


We recently had the pleasure of doing a special media night at Pinots Palette in Tustin at The District. I have never participated in a wine and painting night but it was something I always thought looked like such a blast. I haven’t painted since I was in grade school, which I think clearly showed in my finished piece of art!




The evening began with some delicious bites from Luna Rossa and of course wine. Lots and lots of wine! They have a great selection whether you are a red girl like me or prefer whites. You can also get champagne if you’d like to start with a little bubbly. Along the wall are all the different paintings they offer in their classes. Since it

Along the wall are all the different paintings they offer in their classes. Since it was spring we picked a cute painting with colorful spring flowers. Then I realized this would never actually be hung in my home and I had the genius idea of changing everything to a gray color scheme. When I first started my painting it started to look more like a creepy post-mortem scene. It was supposed to look more like grass at sunset which ended up looking more like the fiery flames of hell. Not exactly the spring vibe I was going for. I threw a bunch of gray whispy’s in the grass which toned down my hell scene a great deal, thank goodness!



I had such a great evening getting creative, I cannot wait to do it again.

I’d like to create a series of 3 paintings I can hang over the bed in a similar color scheme. I think I will wait until they do their Paris paintings which have the black, gray and, maroon color scheme I love so much. Knowing me I will still go rogue and add my own little touches, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable.




If you haven’t participated in one of these wine and painting nights at Pinots Palette I highly recommend them. They even do date nights where you can both create a painting that when put together creates one large painting. I love that idea. This month they are doing Van Goss Stary Night. I also think this would be a great girls night out. It provides a nice change of pace from the typical restaurant outings and movie nights.

Have you done a wine and painting night?

Pinots Palette
The District, 2479 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782



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