Solvang California is a cute dutch wine town that is a must visit destination if you live in southern California. I had been wanting to visit ever since I passed drove past and saw it off the highway on a road trip to Morro Bay. You also may have seen the movie Sideways which took place in Solvang. I loved this little trip and packed as many things as I could into my two day trip and here are the best things to do in Solvang, California.

First of course there is the wine and not all wine bars are built the same. I was actually surprised by the lack on little snacks offered at these wine bars. If you’re paying $20 for a few pours, there is plenty of profit to provide a few crackers or mixed nuts and it would extend my stay at your wine bar. The two best wine bars in Solvang were without a doubt Sort This Out Cellars which had an edgy Rockabilly theme and a great pour selection. They let you chose between a few reds or white and will adjust it to your liking. They also finish it off with a tasty warm muddled wine. If you are looking for a little snack they offer an awesome cheese board that kept us hanging out in here for over an hour snacking and sipping our red wines. This was definitely my favorite and the woman pouring our wine was very hip and in touch with the great local restaurants in the area which we really appreciated.

Sort it Out Cellar

Sort this Out Cellars

My also really enjoyed the Casa Cassara Wine bar. We enjoyed some yummy crackers and hershey kisses while learning about all the different wines they offer. They even have toys for the kids and dog treats. It was such a nice and relaxed environment we enjoyed spending over an hour here. They even have trivia games you can play!

Casa Cassara

My second recommendation is to visit this awesome little store called Eco Wine Furniture we randomly stumbled upon. They make the cutest pieces of furniture and trinkets from refurbished wine barrels. We ended up getting this adorable side table and it has become my favorite flower table.



My last tip is if you’re looking for some great restaurants try searching in Santa Ynez which has some more unique and culinary style dining that many of the locals frequent. The locals recommend SY Kitchen and we really enjoyed our dinner at our Hotel Root 246

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