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When You’re a Judge at the Belmont Shores Chocolate Festival, Everything’s Better!


Last weekend at The Belmont Shores Chocolate Festival, I got to live out every child’s dream and eat chocolate for breakfast. I was beyond excited to head down to Long Beach and judge their 9th annual chocolate desserts competition. The Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival is held each year in Long Beach.

This year, It truly did not disappoint. Entrants were able to create their best chocolate dessert in three categories including cakes & pies, cookies & brownies, and unique desserts. I have to admit, this month I easily gained an extra five pounds just from this compensation. It was well worth it!

belmont shores judge

There were some seriously amazing desserts and everyone was so talented. I sampled everything from chocolate peanut butter cake, chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, and unique Peruvian chocolates filled with passion fruit ganache. It was truly a chocolate lovers dream.

My favorite entries from The Belmont Shores Chocolate Festival

One of my favorites was definitely the beautifully decorated chocolates from The California Chocolate Company. Chocolatier Ryan Luttrell paints each chocolate by hand and they truly are pieces of work. In the end, we actually had to call a tie for most unique dessert. The chocolate caramel tarts and the hand painted chocolates were just too good to choose between.

california chocolate

The most artistic chocolates from

Purchase Tasting Tickets to Sample Chocolate Desserts from Long Beach Restaurants

After the chocolate dessert competition, you could then purchase tickets and go sample chocolate desserts from various restaurants. Local eateries served everything from chocolate ice cream and even chocolate chili!

belmont shore festival

Belmont Shores Chocolate Festival Pie Eating Competition

Then one of my favorite parts of the Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival was watching the annual pie eating competition. Now, who wouldn’t have loved to do this as a kid? It was seriously adorable watching all the kids smear their faces with chocolate pudding pies.


I honestly had no idea Belmont Shores was such a cute little town. They have so many great restaurants and clothing boutiques located up and down 2nd street. They actually hold various events throughout the year so I’m really looking forward to visiting more often. To find out all about future events you can visit the website. It looks like they will be having another great foodie event in May called Stroll & Savor which I am really looking forward to checking out


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