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Magic Band Plus: Is it Worth It?


The Magic Band Plus is now available at Disneyland and Disneyworld. If you’ve traveled to Disneyworld you are likely familiar with Magicbands as they are used for everything from purchases to utilizing lightning lanes. The much anticipated Magic Band Plus finally arrived at Disneyland so you might be wondering “Is the Magic Band Plus worth it”? Here is everything you need to know and my personal opinion on if it’s worth the $35-$45 investment!

Updated November 2023


What is a Magic Band?

The Magic Band is essentially a smart bracelet that connects your personal Disneyland app to your Magicband bracelet. This will link your tickets and lightning lane selections to your magic band so you will be able to enter the park or scan your lightning lane entry with just the tap of your wrist.

Photopass photographers will also be able to add your photos to the Disneyland app by simply scanning your Magicband+.

What is the new Magic Band PLUS?

The Magic Band Plus (Magicband+) is the new updated version of the Magic Band. This new band includes new smart features such as color-changing LED lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition. The new version of the Magic Band Plus will also be rechargeable and waterproof!

Guests will be able to sync the Magicband+ to their Disneyland app to unlock personalization settings including unique light colors, adjusting the vibration, and motion recognition settings.


Interactive Experiences

The Magic Band Plus at Disneyland will also include new interactive experiences such as lighting up to match World of Color in California Adventure and Fantasmic in Disneyland.

You’ll also be able to explore Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland park like never before with the Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters interactive quest. Vibrations and lights from your MagicBand+ will help guide you to find virtual bounties across Black Spire Outpost, eventually leading to your bounty and galatica credit rewards.

If I have a Disney World Magicband can I use it in Disneyland?

Update* If you purchase the Magicband+ at Disney World you will be able to use it at Disneyland. The functionality will be slightly different however since the Disneyland Magicbands do not sync credit cards or Disneyland Resort Hotel information.

The previous magicbands will not work however, it needs to be the new Magic band plus which was just recently released.


Magic Band Disneyland Price

We still do not know what the price of the Magic Band Disneyland will be or its exact release date. However, the Magicband at Disneyworld starts at $34.99 and goes up as high as $58.00.

They are available in a variety of colors and styles including designer names like Dooney & Burke. You can certainly guess Disneyland will be including the same.



There are some absolute benefits to using Magicbands which is why they will be such a huge benefit to the Disneyland park.

  • First, the use of Magicbands will help greatly reduce the backed-up lines for lighting lanes without waiting for people to fumble through their phones.
  • Second, it will also help save the battery life of your phone without the need to take it out as often.
  • Quicker entry lines for the park.
  • Safety: At Disney World, magicbands have crucial info such as your name and phone number. If your child gets lost, they can scan their magicband to contact you immediately!

I remember after visiting Disneyworld and witnessing how smooth all the lines were, Disneyland desperately needed to introduce the Magic Bands. They do actually make quite a difference.

Is the Disney Magic Band Plus Worth It?

In my personal opinion, yes it is absolutely worth it to own a Disney Magic Band Plus. On a recent trip to Disneyland, I forgot my Magic Band and missed it so much that I wanted to just buy a new one. On almost every visit to the park, I watch guests hold up the lines because they are fumbling through their phones trying to find their tickets or fast pass lane entry QR code to be scanned.

With the Magic Band Plus, it is so much quicker and more time-efficient to just scan your wrist. It also saves on your phone battery from constantly having to take it out all day. My hope is that they will soon also add the ability to make payments through the magic band, but even without this feature, I find the Magic Band Plus to be convenient, especially for those with Magic Keys who go more than once a year.

Difference between Magic Band Disneyland vs. Disneyworld

There are major differences between the Magic Band Disneyland vs. Disneyworld. The Magicbands in Disney World are far more advanced. Using the Disneyworld Magicbands allows you to connect a credit card allowing you to make purchases instantly throughout the park.

With the Disney World Magic Band, you can even link your band to your Disney Resort hotel and unlock the door to your room. I can imagine as the Disneyland Magic Band smooths out any of its initial wrinkles, these features will also be introduced.

Disneyland Magic Key Holders Get First Access!

Magic Band Plus became available on October 19, 2022, and Disneyland Magic Key Holders and Disney Vacation Members were among the first to purchase and try the new Magic Band Plus. Magic Key Members were also able to purchase the specially designed Magic Band design for keyholders which were eventually even given away for free as a promotion.

There will be 5 prints exclusive to Disneyland and a special Magic Key Band that has its own light-up theme. This Magic Key Band for keyholders is $10 cheaper, plus you still receive your Magic Key discount!

Where to Purchase the Magic Band Plus

Locations to purchase these Magic Bands in advance will be Starcade in Disneyland Park, the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus in DCA, and The building adjacent to the Star Wars Trading post in Downtown Disney. Of course, you can also find a wide variety of Magic Band designs at shop Disney.

Additional Magic Band Plus FAQs

Here are some answers to common questions asked about the Disney Magic Bands.

Can the Magic Band Plus get wet?

The Magic Band Plus is waterproof so it can get wet on rides with water, but I would not go as far as taking it in the pool with you.

Do the Magic Bands come with a charger?

Yes, all newly purchased Magic Bands come with a charger. If you happen to lose your charger, I have found them on ebay for around $12.

Do the Magic Bands fall off your wrist?

My band has never fallen off my wrist, however, I have heard of this happening to others. On Etsy, you can find special attachments to add to your magic band to prevent them from falling off. They call these Magic Band Locks. Especially on active children.

Can the Magic Band be used on an Apple Watch?

Instead of purchasing a Magic Band Plus, you may want to try the MagicMobile app which offers many of the same functions. However, this is only available for Disney World, not Disneyland. Additionally, if you’re staying on a resort this will not unlock your room. It will however allow you to scan into the parks, scan for lightning lanes, scan for photo pass, and pay for food orders.

This option is not available for Disneyland. If you want to wear both your Apple Watch and Magic Band Plus, there is an option to attach the Magic Band to your Apple Watch with a device also found on Etsy.

Will my Magic Band work if the battery dies?

Believe it or not, if your magic band battery dies, you will still be able to use it to scan into the parks, redeem lightening lane selections, open your resort hotel room in Disney World, scan for your disney photo pass, and make purchases if you are in Disney Wold.

What do you think of the Disneyland Magic Band Plus? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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